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#CombatCOVID: Pivoting Production

Monday, May 4, 2020 - 08:00

London companies are nimble and rising to the challenge, and the London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) is putting a spotlight on some of the many success stories arising out of COVID-19.

In the face of these unprecedented times, we’re seeing many businesses shifting gears to support COVID relief efforts. From pivoting production to manufacturing or donating essential products, London companies are helping to #CombatCOVID.

With efforts like these on all fronts – from all levels of government, support organizations, businesses, and the community – London will remain resilient through this challenging time.

Thank you to many companies and individuals that have stepped up to help wherever they can. How can you help? Share these stories widely or support these local businesses in any way that you can.

If you're looking for further COVID-19-related support, please visit our London Business COVID-19 Portal


Pivoting Production

As medical supplies and food products have been on the rise, a number of local businesses are stepping up to ensure demand is met. 

From alcoholic beverages to hand sanitizer, dog treats at Bosco and Roxy’s to baked goods, and fashionable clothing to personal protective equipment (PPE), take a look at some of the changemakers in our community.  

Labatt retooled its facilities in London, Edmonton, Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto to produce upwards of 50,000 bottles of hand sanitizer to support Food Banks Canada, front-line workers and the restaurant industry. Similarly, Union Ten Distilling Co. in London’s Old East Village is also assisting with the production of hand sanitizer, as well as ZucoraHome shifting its bottling capabilities to thousands of pump-dispending hand sanitizers.

As personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential for front-line doctors and nurses to stay safe, Western University has switched gears from building machine prototypes to 3D printing face shields. 200-300 medical shields are expected to be produced every day and used by front-line workers in the region.

Simarily, MLD Solutions and Carmina de Young have shifted from consulting and fashion design to manufacturing masks and gowns for front-line workers. This washable, Canadian-made PPE is addressing an urgent shortage, made possible by donations of polyester and polyester-cotton materials.

A London based industrial tech company is also doing its part to supply Canadian medical facilities with much-needed ventilators as part of a Ventilators for Canadians consortium. JMP Solutions, which specializes in industrial technologies such as robotics, control systems, and automation, is switching gears to build the mechanical assembly of 5,000 ventilator units over the next couple of months.

With an influx of these new parts, equipment, and PPE entering the health care system, the Canadian Centre for Product Validation (CCPV) is offering testing, prototyping, and light manufacturing services to speed up production and get these products to health units quicker.

London is Stepping Up

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