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Commonwealth RBS Offers Solutions

Commonwealth RBS (Remote Backup Solutions), a London, Ontario company launches leading edge technology. Commonwealth RBS provides a remote data backup service which offers outstanding cost savings without the need to purchase software, hardware, create tape libraries or add additional IT staff.

This Internet based service encrypts and compresses corporate data then automatically ships the data either using file transfer or replication technology to secure servers located off-site from the corporation.

Gone are the days now when small and medium size businesses need to buy tapes, have staff manually backup data daily, and store tapes off-site.

John J. Kime, President and CEO of the London Economic Development Corporation is pleased to welcome Commonwealth RBS to the London community of high tech businesses and to the Canadian business community.

“The future of data backup and security is an excellent example of the power of Internet based services”, says Mr. Kime, and “the connectivity provided in London, Ontario permits companies such as Commonwealth RBS the ability to compete globally”.

Commonwealth RBS has made a significant technology leap forward in offering a secure, remote, automated and affordable critical data backup/restore solution.

For further information, please contact:
Gregg Hodges, Chief Operating Officer
at 519-435-9225 or connect @

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