DC519 - Kim Atkinson, OntarioSEO

At our inagural Digital Creative 519 Conference (DC519), we asked local business representatives about scaling up.

Kim Atkinson is a marketing and search engine optimization expert here in London who is a Director at OntarioSEO. Hear how OntarioSEO is scaling up in this video from our DC519 conference. 


"OntarioSEO is a technical, digital agency and we're here to help our clients reach more people and get more success online - we're your advantage online.

My official is Director - I'm Co-Founder of OntarioSEO. We started the agency about 12 years ago and just continue to grow as well as the community here in London.

Our company has sustained regular and continued growth. It's an exciting time and we just continue to grow along with the industry and our clients.

London as a city is very supportive, there's a strong sense of community where people are all there to help and support one another and that's whether it's for your personal growth or your company growth."

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