DC519 - Trevor Greenway, VP & Director of Client Services, EKSiT

At our inagural Digital Creative 519 Conference (DC519), we asked local business representatives about scaling up.

Trevor Greenway, Vice President & Director of Client Services at EKSiT, is a software expert here in London.

EKSiT helps small business owners take control of their future by changing the way they plan for and execute upon exit from the business. Through innovation and technology, they work with Canadian businesses to help their owners develop and execute upon a plan that improves their outlook.

Hear how Trevor and EKSiT are supporting companies across Canada:


"EKSiT is a software company that has built a software solution to help small to medium sized business owners plan for and ultimately execute on their exit from their business. We've built an algorithim that actually measures how saleable a comapny is and as a result, these business owners can find out along the way how their saleability score is increasing year-over-year until such times that it meets their financial and emotional goals. 

I'm the Vice President of Client Services so a lot of our partnerships of licensing agreements with the software they run through me as well as internal and external sales and I've got a team of individuals that report directly to be as they help us build out the software as it evolves over time.

We've actually recently partnered with an accounting firm here in London - Davis Martindale - and together looking at building out and scaling nationally within their network as well. We believe that we've created a software soltuion that helps corporate finance departments within accounting firms change the way that they do business and operate in a more proactive manner with the customers best interest in mind. 

I think London is a great city; it's a nice combination of obviously a large population and really kind of interactive. The work with the LEDC is wonderful they're a great organization. But then it's also it's got some small town feel to it in terms of the relationships you can build, there's some wonderful people in this room today that we've networked with in the past and you know being able to share ideas in a collaborative manner is really helpful for our business.

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