DC519 - Tyler Bryden, SixFive & Speak AI

At our inagural Digital Creative 519 Conference (DC519), we asked local business owners to tell us how they've scaled up their companies.

Tyler Bryden, Owner of SixFive and Founder of Speak AI, is a growth marketer in London, Ontairo.

SixFive works with businesses and nonprofits to introduce technology and cutting-edge marketing strategies to increase revenue and drive support.

Speak AI helps people and teams create, import and share speech-driven content by extracting keywords, topics, brands, and tones from audio, video and text.

Hear how he scaled up his business:


"So I'm Tyler Bryden and I am the original founder of SixFive, which is a Google partner and marketing agency specializing in search advertising. And then, out of that was born Speak AI, which is an audio, video, and text analysis tool which helps us analyze those conversations that are coming out of the advertising that we do.

Yeah, so I started out formally with a web development and marketing background and now transitioned much more into the strategy. We've got a team leading out, both the development of Speak and then also handling a lot of the marketing work that we do at SixFive. So I'm much more at higher level, strategic and also meeting with our clients with customers, and investors as well, too.

Yeah, so LEDC has been a huge supporter of us at SixFive and at Speak and today there are some really good lessons just about, you know, if you're taking a company from a ground level and trying to scale up both locally but also internationally, you know, what do you need to do? So we're taking a lot of those insights today, building them into our own business and really excited because we have a software and scalable solution that can allow us to have that growth.

So, the core mission of SixFive and Speak has always been helping people and teams communicate better, whether that's marketing online or just in their day-to-day conversations. So we want to continue that mission, continue to share the insights that we gain, both through that online presence and also just people talking to each other every single day.

So I grew up just North of London on a farm and so coming to London it actually had a big city feel to me and it still does. You know, we're small, they're very supportive, everyone in the community and even a day like this to see business owners sort of connecting, networking and sharing a lot of lessons they've learned, I think that's a big part. London here, we all want to succeed, we're collaborating to make that happen, and I think if we take the right steps in the next 10 to 15 years London is going to be a very fruitful place."

Transcribed With ♥ By Speak.

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