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Fanshawe College Women in Skilled Trades- Survey

We invite you to participate in a national survey that is being administered to women, women-identifying and non-binary individuals who are working or who have worked in 5 red seal trades (construction electrician, carpenter, welder, plumber, and heavy equipment operator- including dozer, excavator, tractor-loader-backhoe). This includes pre-apprentice programs and trades sampler or trades access programs. We also invite you to complete this survey if you work in another trade. 

This 20-minute survey lets you tell us about challenges you faced to enter or remain in the profession, your suggestions to break down these barriers, and ideas for creating an engaging and meaningful mentorship program.

Survey link:

With your feedback, a working group of Canadian colleges, women trade organizations, employers, and unions will use the collective experiences and ideas of women in skilled trades to design a mentorship program in the trades. This initiative is led by and serves women and gender diverse individuals.

We will identify where women encounter career obstacles, why and when they leave the skilled trades, and the degree to which mentorship and other wraparound supports affect their decisions to stay. Our goal is to create a welcoming and informative space through an innovative mentorship program where women in the trades feel comfortable, safe, and supported. This network of empowered and connected women will then act as change agents to improve workplace culture on jobsites across Canada.

Thank you in advance for your valuable insights to help us improve career engagement and retention of women in skilled trade careers.  

Survey link:

Equity, diversity, and inclusion are central to the WST project values and work. We are collecting data about the identities of members of our community to help us better understand and serve you. If you are willing to share elements of your identity with us, please complete this optional survey. Your individual response will be kept in confidence and will not be made public. The data will be used by the WST project team to help support inclusion practices in skilled trades. Deidentified group data may be shared with various stakeholders and/or publicly in reports and other written or electronic communication. Please select as many identity factors from the list as you feel appropriate. If the list is missing an identity factory that you believe should be added or expanded, please add it to the ‘Other’ option. This list may be updated as best practices evolve. If at any time you would like your information removed from the system, or for any questions, please email

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