"Home Sweet London" New Tools for Newcomers to London

Making London feel like 'Home Sweet Home' can sometimes be hard for newcomers to our city. Distance from family, language barriers, unfamiliar neighbourhoods and lack of knowledge of available services can all contribute to a feeling of isolation and loneliness.

In an effort to help remove barriers to accessing services in London, the City has installed two new iPad Welcome Kiosks.  These kiosks will allow users to access - free of charge - a web portal that provides information of all services and programs available to them. 

These kiosks will be located at City Hall and Bostwick Community Centre beside their Service London counters.

The Welcome Kiosk is an initiative introduced through the community-led Choose London – Innovative, Vibrant and Global: London’s Newcomer Strategy. Endorsed by City Council in June 2018, this Strategy was developed through a broad consultation process with multiple stakeholders and statistical and literature reviews, and focuses on three strategic priorities: Enhance Awareness, Facilitate Access and Active Engagement.

For more information on the services and programs available to our city’s newcomers, please visit immigration.london.ca


Media Contact:

Jill Tansley, Manager, Strategic Programs & Partnerships

Housing, Social Services and Dearness Home

City of London P: 519-661-CITY (2489) ext. 7377

Jtansley@london.ca | www.london.ca

Monika Guzy, Manager, Media Relations

Communications, City of London

519-661-CITY (2489) ext. 2422

mguzy@london.ca | www.london.ca

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