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List of Local PPE Suppliers

Take a look at some London businesses that are providing personal protective equipment (PPE). Contact us if your company can help so we can add you to the list. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Fogging and Disinfecting Services

  • All Clear Disinfecting: uses technologies to identify, eliminate and prevent contamination in your residential, commercial, institutional or mobile environment.

  • Cadillac Industrial Cleaning: offers industrial, building, duct and machine cleaning and services manufacturers, warehouses, healthcare institutions and more.

  • Catalys Lubricants: offers a line of sanitizing products for hands, countertops, floors, door handles and areas that need regular cleaning.

  • Disinfect & Fog: specializes in commercial and residential disinfecting through innovative technical fogging solutions.

  • EnviroNize: has all-natural, non-toxic antibacterial/antimicrobial solution that effectively controls a broad spectrum of bacteria, virus, fungi and molds for use in food processing, industrial, agricultural and healthcare.

  • First On Site: is offering COVID-19 Disinfection.

  • Food Safety Alliance: supplies antimicrobial chemicals and antiviral disinfectants to the food, beverage, and cannabis production sectors, as well as disinfecting and sanitizing services to manufacturing and commercial facilities.

  • Go Fog It: Offering disinfectant fogging and spraying with a 99.9999% botanical disinfectant, meeting all your disinfecting supply needs of disinfectants, sprayers and foggers, consulting and training to support your business

  • HY-COR: offers a range of dry-fogging disinfecting services for your business.

  • Paul Davis: is a full service residential and commercial emergency cleanup and restoration for disasters of all sizes.

  • Proax Technologies: offers protective solutions, including workstation separators, temperature screening, and hand sanitizer dispensers that can provide an additional safeguard for essential members and customers alike.

  • Sanitized by Fog: safely eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and germs that are in the air – and on all surfaces.

  • Spark Power: has a supply of Thermographic Personnel Screening Solution units to assist in ensuring your facilities have a healthy and protected environment.

  • Swish Maintenance: is a leading distributor of sanitation product solutions, equipment and service, with a variety of Health Canada approved disinfectants, masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer in stock.


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