London’s GoViral experiencing worldwide success

Digital marketers, GoViral Inc., are a London-born success story and are hoping to retain new grads in the city.

“We started with just an idea and it has grown into something truly amazing,” said Taylor Ablitt, CEO of GoViral Inc. Ablitt, a Western University graduate, joined forces with his tech-minded business partner Dean Elkholy to start the company in July 2013.   GoViral takes pride in finding creative online solutions for their clients by connecting “publishers, content and advertisers” to deliver results. Ablitt said the company is also experimenting with new and innovative advertising strategies. For example, they’re now in the process of phasing in “native advertising”, where client-ads and brands can be aligned with relevant content and articles on the website.

“We believe in strengthening relationships and building brand trust by connecting the right users with the right content,” Ablitt said. “Once that emotional connection has been established it’s more desirable for people to share with their family and friends.”

Things started taking off for GoViral with the launch of Diply in November 2013— a sharing platform, which can be best described as a combination between Pinterest and tumblr. Diply provides the perfect balance of visual appeal and full-body content. Categories include trending videos, images and articles about lifestyle, fashion, music, food and the arts. It’s free to join and users can sign up with their Facebook, Google+ or Twitter account and start browsing.

Recently, Diply cracked’s list of the top 800 most visited sited around the world. Additionally, Diply has registered more than 14 million unique monthly visitors, 100 million pageviews each month and has more than 25 million followers across social media platforms. The company has been working with London’s IES Group, an IT firm specializing in web applications, to develop this content-driven website. GoViral has a dedicated team of 15 members working on the Diply project in London.

“Many of our writers are recent graduates and we like to keep talent in London by hiring them,” Ablitt said.

What’s next for GoViral? Ablitt said the company is getting ready to launch a new website called, which will cater more to a male audience featuring stories about cars, sports and the latest tech trends. The site is anticipated to be launched within the next three months.

“A lot of it will be about recreating the success of Diply,” Ablitt said.

GoViral is looking to expand its roster of writers and sales team and is anticipating a move to a new office in downtown London.

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