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London's Grocerocity ranked among Canada’s Best Grocery Delivery Services

Tuesday, May 31, 2022 - 08:53


Service Area: London and Mississauga, Ontario

What We Like: Convenience store delivery is available.

Key Features

  • Grocery store, restaurant, and convenience store delivery
  • A flat fee of $25 for grocery delivery (orders under $100)
  • 25% on orders over $100
  • Curbside pickup available for $15
  • Unique Fridge Fill service

Last but not least is Grocerocity, London, Ontario’s most popular online grocery delivery service, according to their website. I was previously unfamiliar with Grocerocity, but I noticed that the company’s reviews are overwhelmingly positive during a quick online perusal.

In addition to grocery store delivery, Grocerocity offers restaurant and convenience store delivery, which is a nice bonus. The pricing for restaurants is $12, while grocery delivery is a flat $25 for orders up to $100 (25% of the total order amount for orders over $100).

At this writing, Grocerocity was offering a free $30 Cineplex movie gift card on your 7th delivery, a clever scheme to earn repeat business. They also provide a unique service called Fridge Fill™. For an additional $10, Grocerocity will not only deliver your groceries, but they’ll put them away for you in your fridge and cupboards. This is an excellent service for the elderly or anyone with mobility issues.

Grocerocity seems like a premium service, and that’s reflected in the price. But if you live in London or Mississauga and are willing to pay a little extra, it may well be worth it.

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