Matching Talent to Employers

Accessing the right kind of talent remains the #1 constraint for employers, regardless of industry sector or business size. From digital creative and financial service firms to advanced manufacturing and food processing companies, availability of skilled workers is a key driver for a business’s future growth. Even though our post-secondary education institutes create a steady pipeline of talent, we continue to see a talent gap.


Jobseekers are out there, and so are jobs, but the process of matching the two is often difficult. The talent gap exists due to a few key reasons – misalignment of employer and jobseeker expectations; the ability to attract experienced talent to London; and a lack of opportunities for talent to connect with employers. While there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for the talent gap, a number of significant initiatives are underway to address this important issue.


Enhancing best practices

An effective recruitment process reduces turnover and increases organizational productivity. From creating effective job postings, to screening and selecting the right candidates, employers must be clear about their expectations and requirements.


To achieve this, new supports have been implemented to provide Human Resource (H.R.) best practices for small and medium-sized companies, such as the London Economic Development Corporation's (LEDC’s) Business Momentum series on topics such as Performance Management and Full-Cycle Recruitment.


Additionally, new resources created by the Local Employment Planning Council (LEPC) offer guidance on hiring and assisting older job seekers:

    More information regarding the local labour market, jobs, training, and education can be found on the Work Trends website.


    Sharing London’s story

    London’s reputation as an affordable and vibrant community plays a role in attracting new talent to the city. In addition to telling their unique story, we encourage companies to tell London’s story - the amenities, history, quality of life, and activities. That’s why LEDC published the London Magazine, and circulates thousands of copies to London companies for external recruitment and telling the London story. With affordable downtown office space including many heritage buildings, fibre optic connectivity, certified data centre sites, great entertainment venues, rapid transit and high speed rail throughout Southwestern Ontario, London is on the radar for experienced talent.


    Businesses wanting to share London’s story beyond Southwestern Ontario can also utilize the magazine as a recruitment tool. Additionally, a new ad-sharing pilot project program will provide funding for advertising in larger publications like Macleans to recruit new talent to the city. The LEDC is in the process of creating this program to help local companies within the digital creative sector raise the visibility of their business and London as a desirable place to work and live. Contact us below for more information to see if you are eligible to participate.


    You can browse the magazine content virtually and order it for free on our website.


    Getting connected

    Initiatives such as the London & Area Works job fairs and other local networking events are providing opportunities for talent and employers to meet. In 2016, over 50 companies participated in the London & Area Works job fairs and were recruiting for over 2,000 open positions each time. These job fairs attracted hundreds of job seekers.


    If you are an older job seeker, take a look at this additional resource from the LEPC on how to find employment.


    Methods and resources for connecting the right people to the right jobs are improving. Through industry-tailored solutions and better employer and jobseeker matching, we can help bridge the talent gap.

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