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Peacasa: A healthy addition to London's thriving manufacturing sector

Thursday, September 8, 2022 - 09:45

Born out of a university friendship, a trip, a woodfire crepe experience and the will to see people live better lives came Peacasa; a revolutionary way to make chips.

Delicious, healthy, and crunchy these chips made solely from chickpeas, sunflower and olive oil are everything your potato chips wish they could be and so much more.

The brainchild of COO, Victor Courarie-Delage, who grew up in Ontario and the South of France and Torontonian CEO, Aaron Johnstone, Peacasa brings the best pieces of the Mediterranean and a unique blend to Canada and London, Ontario.

For Aaron, London somehow came under his radar through a Linkedin post by The Grove at a time when they were considering where to set up a manufacturing facility. It’s a decision that he says makes them happy to call London home for Peacasa, “I believe London is underrated as there is so much support here, affordable rental prices, lots of growth opportunities and extraordinary businesses.”

Working and setting up a customized facility at the Grove is also proving beneficial for the small manufacturers who have limited cash flow; “The phenomenal team at The Grove has provided us with a network of other small manufacturers who are like-minded, public relations support and expertise and a team that’s very flexible and accommodating which is a huge win when you are embarking on a major venture and trying to scale-up.”

What started in 2019, as a vision and a year of experiments is now a unique, high protein, high fibre snack that satisfies hunger in either Sea Salt or Honey Dijon flavours. It’s an adventure that is filled with everyday rewards for co-founder Victor Courarie-Delage, who states that he “wanted to show that simple quality ingredients are all we really need to make healthy and delicious snacks.”

 Megan, a longstanding customer of Peacasa also shares that this tasty treat is a fantastic alternative to corn or potato chips, "They are made with simple and healthy ingredients, have way more nutrition than potato chips, and are way more delicious. You don’t feel as guilty eating a whole bag of Peacasa vs. potato chips, considering how satiating they are."

Grateful to being growing with The Grove in the next seven years and having made this bold step right after the pandemic, Aaron and Victor are excited to engage and share their dream of healthy living/lifestyle and chips with you.

Make your next snack time a breeze with Peacasa Snacks.


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