Propel Announces Partnership with Western Retail Services

September 3, London ON: Propel, Western’s Entrepreneurship Centre, formally announces their partnership with Western Retail Services and offers unique sales opportunities for retail-based startup companies.

The collaboration was piloted this summer with three local startup brands, Illbury & Goose, NoR Apparel and Ezzy Lynn, and allowed each company to test their products at The Book Store at Western (Book Store) on a consignment arrangement. Despite being the Book Store’s off-season, all three companies succeeded in selling through their collections, confirming demand for student and alumni-made products within Western Retail Service’s locations. 

Propel and Western Retail Services each offer unique resources to the arrangement, making it a natural fit and value add for both organizations. Propel screens retail-based clients for market readiness, stability and quality of products. Western Retail Services provides dedicated retail space and store fixtures within The Book Store, Campus Computer Store and Books Plus on Western Road, allowing local startup companies to introduce their brands and capture new customers within the Western community.  

“We are very excited and optimistic about the partnership and are currently discussing a number of creative ways we can further market this program and enhance the collaboration to benefit all partners involved”, says Ian Haase, Director of Propel. “By offering practical, low-risk sales opportunities, the Western community will become early adopters of our startup companies and further the entrepreneurial ecosystem London has worked to build". 

Following the 90-day consignment period, all three startups will continue on with The Book Store as formal vendors and a new cohort of retail startups will be introduced this fall.

“All parties are extremely happy with this arrangement” says Hosham Alimorad Western Retail Services’ Associate Director of Business Strategy. 

“Our operations get access to exciting new and trendy products, and we are proud to help and promote student entrepreneurship. In turn we provide these young companies with exposure to the retail ecosystem: product, promotion, pricing, placement, and inventory in the epicenter of their target market.”

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From Western Retail Services
Stephen Cribar, Associate Director, Sales & Communications 519-661-4037

From Propel
Samantha Laliberte, Coordinator 519-857-8033

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