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The Rise of a Healthier Loaf: Exploring Unbun Food’s Diet-Friendly and Gluten-Free Bread

London, Ontario native Gus Klemos’ Unbun Foods began with a dream: to eat as much bread as he wanted while dieting by creating the ultimate keto, paleo, plant-based but grain-free, and gluten-free recipe. Establishing transparency and high-quality ingredients as a core practice of their business, all Unbun products are free from sugar, preservatives, and binding agents typically found in most pastries.

Since their founding in 2018, Unbun Foods has since rocketed into the agri-food industry and now sells their products across hundreds of restaurants and grocery stores alike. Unbun Foods quickly secured investments of approximately $1.9 million from Canaccord Genuity Corp. in 2020 and an additional $75,000 from the Canadian and Ontario government in 2022. Now a rapidly expanding business, Unbun Foods is looking to open new factories to supply over fifteen types of health bread products to the market.

Committing to a $4-million investment in renovations for a new commercial bakery in 2021, Klemos’ brings Unbun Foods back home to London, settling in at Stronach Crescent neighbouring Fanshawe College. Hiring on more than 23 workers to operate their London bakery, Unbun Foods has partnered with the local Pizza Pizza, Mr. Sub, and grocery stores alike to provide a healthy spin to favourite foods across the city. Released this year in June, the company unveiled their newest cracker creation and a nationwide partnership with grocery store giant Loblaws. Working to expand the reach of their revolutionary products beyond Canada, restaurants and grocery stores across the U.S. are lining up to bring Unbun baked goods to their customers.

As Unbun Foods continues to add top talent to its numbers and innovate new pastry products, Klemos’ only regret is not being able to keep up with the influx of demand. Taking the health food world by storm, Unbun is a wonderful addition to the agri-food industry and culture in London.

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