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Small Business Ignites in London

Tuesday, February 5, 2002 - 00:00

Small Business ignites in London, ON for the London based corporation Genesis Controls and Cable (GC and C).

GC and C is a manufacturer of Control Systems, Electrical Wiring Harnesses and Cables. CG and C meets the special need requirements of many military,locomotive and heavy vehicle equipment. Subsequent to the events of September
11, the international world of 'cable' and 'custom harness' business has knocked on GC and C's door.

GC and C were awarded an ongoing contract that has moved the Corporation to the next level of small business. Staffing requirements at GC and C has increased by 400 %. This expanded growth has also positively affected the quality system certification standards at GC and C.

The ISO 9001-2000 quality certification process is now in progress at GC and C. This will enable GC and C to provide product and service on an international level to international standard requirements. This addition of
international contracts will most certainly impact economic growth in London, ON.

GC and C Director of New Business Development, Mr. Roy van Amerom has twenty-five years experience with electrical designs. Roy oversees the GC and C operation located on Oxford Street East in London. Mr. van Amerom states, "This contract illustrates the ability GC and C has to bring real value to the Canadian Military".

The High-Technology Corporation GC and C provides the Canadian Forces Power Distribution Systems (CPDS) with the design and manufacturing of Electrical Cables. CPDS units distribute electrical power from portable generator systems to military units deployed in the field during military operations. The second phase of the contract is due in the second quarter of 2002.

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