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Social Science Career Apprenticeship Program

Thursday, January 6, 2022 - 16:06

Does your business want to help retain skilled talent within our community, potentially groom and mentor graduates to continue their career with your organization while getting reimbursed for a portion of wage costs?

Introducing the Social Science Career Apprenticeship Program made possible by guidance and generous financial support from Alan Rottenberg of the Canadian Career Apprenticeship Initiative (CCAI). This program is a partnership between Western University and the London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) The CCAI partners with local universities and economic development agencies across Canada to support graduating students in finding full-time work through an apprenticeship model to help cities retain talented graduates and to develop their local workforce.


Program Benefits

  • London Region. Employers who commit to a 12-month contract with a program participant are reimbursed for four months of salary to a maximum of $4,000 per month, totaling $16,000 on a one-year contract. To be paid following successful completion of months 1 and 2 and 11 and 12
  • Access a competitive pool of extraordinary new talent that can bring energy, creativity, and critical thinking to your business
  • Hire a university graduate that has received specialized one-on-one coaching in order to adapt quickly to a working environment
  • On-campus support for interview space available

The Faculty of Social Science includes the following streams:

  • American Studies, Anthropology, Economics, Gender & Women’s Studies, Geography & Environmental Studies, History, Indigenous Studies, International Relations, Linguistics, Neuroscience, Political Science, Philosophy & Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Transitional Justice & Post-Conflict Resolution, and Urban Development
  • Department of Management & Organizational Studies which includes Accounting, Commercial Aviation Management, Consumer Behaviour, Finance, Human Resources Management, Management & Legal Studies, and Public Administration


Employer Requirements:

  • Employers require a working location within the London Region
  • Employers must offer a minimum 12-month* contract
  • Employers should provide meaningful employment and career development
  • Job opportunities must meet a minimum salary of CAD $35,000
  • One apprentice per company will be considered
  • Employers will have been in business for two years and employ at least seven employees
  • Apprenticeship positions should not be displacing any full-time employees
  • Employers will have an arm’s length relationship with the Donor and its members, directors, and employees
  • Public sector organizations are eligible if the roles being filled are new positions


In 2022, the program will provide funding for 10 positions. Graduating students will have access to job postings on Western’s job portal, Western Connect, commencing February 2022. Successful candidates will be eligible to start their careers in May 2022. Qualifying graduates must be legally eligible to work full-time in Canada as of December 31st, 2021.

Important Dates

  • February: Students gain access to job postings
  • March - April: Interviewing and job offers
  • May: Apprenticeship begins


Job Postings

Interested employers are welcome to apply now and will be considered on a first come, first serve basis.


To submit a job posting to the SSCA Program, please contact the LEDC to discuss the position and your ideal candidate by February 7th 2022 at 4 p.m.


Jeffrey Fernandes

Coordinator, Business Development

London Economic Development Corporation



Robert Collins

Director, Workforce Development

London Economic Development Corporation



Following the completion of the Job Posting Form, your posting will be uploaded to the Western job portal, Western Connect, where students can start applying.


Below are tips to get your job noticed and increase the number of applications received:

  • Include as much detail as possible in your job description
  • Talk about your company! What do you do? What is different about your organization?
  • What type of candidate are you looking for? Use descriptive words that students can identify with
  • How does this role fit into your organization? Do you have a team this individual will be a part of? What are they working towards?
  • What are the responsibilities associated with this position? Provide as many as possible!
  • What are the qualifications? Do not overload on technical skills. REMEMBER: Students are new to the job market but are very willing to learn!


Please be aware that only graduating students of the Faculty of Social Science at Western University within the 2021/2022 academic year will be eligible to apply to positions in the Social Science Career Apprenticeship.


Interview Logistics

Due to concerns around COVID-19, we will not be offering on-campus interviews at this time. We encourage all employers and students to move to a virtual format. If you would like assistance in arranging these interviews, please use the Interview Request Form . If you choose to contact students directly, please email the selected candidates so that we can track this information in our database.


Job Offers

All job offers for the Social Science Career Apprenticeship program are submitted through the Job Offer Form Students have two business days to accept or decline an offer.


Internships for Current Students

In addition to the SSCA, the Faculty of Social Science offers internship programs designed to provide career-related opportunities to 2nd & 3rd year students. If you’re looking to hire a student for a *paid, full-time internship (i.e., the student returns to school after the work term), please contact to learn more.

*Internship programs are not eligible for SSCA funding.


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