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Starlim-Sterner Chooses London as Site for North American Operations

Wednesday, June 19, 2002 - 00:00

London will become the North American home for a company that is the world leader in the injection moulding of liquid silicone.

Starlim-Sterner GmbH of Wels, Austria has purchased 17 acres of land on Airport Road in London and will soon begin construction of an approximately 70,000 square foot facility.

Starlim North America, a subsidiary of Starlim-Sterner GmbH, will produce silicone parts for the automotive, consumer, electronics and sanitation, and health care industries.

Construction of the plant will begin in July and it is expected to be ready by February 2003. The plant will employ approximately fifteen people in 2002 and grow to about 100 employees by 2007.

"What makes this such a great chapter in the growth of London industry is the fact that this company is recognized as a world leader with its innovative manufacturing technology," said John Kime, President and CEO of the London Economic Development Corporation.

"This company represents the type of innovative organization that reflects the future of our rapidly growing manufacturing sector."

In January of this year, Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco accompanied LEDC representatives to visit company officials in Austria and add city support to the process of attracting this innovative company to locate its North American operations in London.

Mayor DeCicco said, "Starlim will be investing about $27 million in London over the next three years. We welcome this investment, we welcome this innovative manufacturing leader and we welcome the opportunity to do what we can to make this company as successful as possible."

Andreas Steiner, President, Starlim North America says that London was chosen for a number of reasons, including cost advantages and the high quality work force available in our city, together with the exceptional support received from Londoners. Because of the proprietary technology that will be used, the workers at the plant will need to be highly skilled.

"As we were searching for a Canadian site for our new investment, London quickly became the community of choice. The LEDC provided solutions for all our needs and demonstrated the commitment of the community to maximize our success."

For more information contact:
LEDC contact: Vijai Kanthan at 519.661-4545

Starlim North America Facts
Starlim North America is a subsidiary of Starlim-Sterner Austria, which was founded in 1974
Starlim-Sterner is a world leader in the injection moulding of liquid silicone rubber
Since its foundation in 1974, Starlim-Sterner has constantly expanded its process and engineering capabilities in the area of fully automatic injection moulding of liquid silicone rubber and now holds several patents in this field
Starlim serves many industries, such as the automotive industry where its products protect sensitive components from water, salt spray, dust, oil, ozone, heat and cold and the health care industry where their products are used to protect against contamination of sensitive liquids
Starlim's products are also used in the electronic industry (cables/connectors,) in the telecommunications field, infant care (soothers) and the sanitation industry.
Starlim prides itself on its zero-defect quality system
One customer received 1.2 billion Starlim units with zero defects
The London Economic Development Corporation was introduced to Starlim-Sterner in the fall of 2001 by Roland Rossi, from the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in Austria
Since that time the London team has visited Starlim-Sterner Austria three times to facilitate the process of moving the project forward
Within six years it is expected that Starlim North American will be equal in size, production and employee base (90-100) to today's Starlim Austria and will become the largest global supplier of liquid silicone products
Starlim North America will be making capital investments of $27 million in the next three years
Construction on the Starlim plant will begin next month (July 02) and the building will be ready for occupation in February of 2003
Starlim has entered discussions with The University of Western Ontario, Fanshawe College and the Integrated Manufacturing Technologies Institute to examine how the institutions may work with the company in the future

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