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Thermographic Personnel Screening Solution

Tuesday, April 14, 2020 - 08:00

Spark Power in London provides end-to-end electrical contracting, operations and maintenance services, and energy sustainability solutions to the industrial, commercial, utility, and renewable asset markets.

The company has a supply of Thermographic Personnel Screening Solution units to assist in ensuring your facilities have a healthy and protected environment.

The thermographic camera will have the ability to measure elevated body temperatures of up to 30 people at once in high traffic areas from a distance of 8’ to 29’ – in real time. The system alarm will alert the operator when a person with high temperature is detected for further screening.

Temperature measurement range is 30° C to 45° C (86° F to 113° F) with a measurement accuracy of 0.5° C (0.9° F). This proposed solution will be a standalone system configuration, allowing for quick time implementation.  This camera is approved with Health Canada for facial temperature measurements. This is not a covid detection device.

You can find more information about their Thermographic Personnel Screening Solution in the following informational brochures:

Contact Wes Otten at the Spark Power London Office:

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