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Tourism SkillsNet Ontario: Workforce Issues, Opportunities & Impact

Monday, August 28, 2023 - 11:52

Our research reveals that the projected employment for the sector into 2025 will be more than 700,000 people. However, many of those jobs will be filled through attrition - meaning employees will leave one tourism employer to join another. This will result in a vacancy rate of over 45,000 unfilled jobs. These vacancies are predicted to be particularly acute in:

  • Outdoor sport and recreation guides
  • Food counter attendants, food service supervisors, kitchen helpers, supporting occupations in accommodation, travel, and facilities set-up services
  • Tour and travel guides.

Our research identifies several key challenges that the industry will need to navigate:

  • Changing employee perspectives and retention challenges will require dynamic leadership skills
  • High operating costs and inflation demand careful financial planning
  • Ensuring affordable housing has become a top priority
  • Accessible and efficient transportation remains an ongoing necessity

Real Full report here:

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