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Venture Valuation Inc. comes to London

Wednesday, May 8, 2002 - 00:00

Venture Valuation Inc. is a Canadian private company focused on high growth businesses in the tech and biotech sectors. Two London entrepreneurs along with a Swiss partner, Patrik Frei of Venture Valuation AG, recently formed the new company in London, Ontario.

The local founders Susanne Acklin and Ronald Layden, both have extensive experience in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and technology sectors.

The Venture Valuation approach has been employed to value more than 60 high growth companies around the world. Venture Valuation Inc. specializes in the independent, third party assessment, valuation and monitoring of emerging high growth companies in industries such as biotechnology, med-tech, high-tech, IT and telecom.

The services are provided in the form of independent valuation reports to entrepreneurs (seed to pre-IPO) and investors.

The company's two main products are the Valuation Report and Valuation Radar :
Valuation Report: a comprehensive product prepared using market trends, company information, assessment of scientific quality, technological leadership, intellectual property status and soft factors such as quality and experience of management and overall company expertise to assess the fair market value of a given company. At the same time the report helps to highlight critical factors, which will drive company value in the long-term.
Valuation Radar : is a monitoring instrument tailored to venture capital funds who wish to have an independent and comprehensive comparative assessment of their portfolio companies. Each company in the fund's portfolio is assessed using Venture Valuation's standard methodologies and common criteria. This allows funds to monitor portfolio value using a common valuation assessment. Valuation Radar can be effectively employed singly or on an ongoing basis.

Venture Valuation Inc. clients include:
High growth companies planning a new round of financing, a merger or an acquisition and wishing to establish an independent, third party valuation of their enterprise.
A pre-financing valuation report from an independent third party such as Venture Valuation Inc. provides an invaluable tool in the hands of an emerging enterprise to successfully complete financing rounds at all stages of investment and provides a strong basis for negotiations.
Investors (private investors or venture funds) wishing to revalue or monitor an existing portfolio, track company performance/progress or get an external opinion before making a new investment.

Venture Valuation Inc. tailors its products to your needs and prices services competitively.

For further information or to discuss a valuation please contact:

Dr. Susanne Acklin, President Venture Valuation Inc.
P: 519-495-5449 F:519-473-3257

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