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Wilma: North America’s first, Women-Driving-Women membership service hits London this summer

Tuesday, July 5, 2022 - 11:24

London, July 5, 2022 – Welcome to a safer ride hailing option for female and gender diverse riders and drivers. Wilma is a new women-driving-women, ride hailing membership service launching in London, Ontario this summer – becoming North America’s first offering of its kind, and ushering in a new ride hailing era.

Buckle up ladies, because Wilma is starting up in London this summer, then opening in Mississauga and Toronto in the fall. Wilma is putting a call out for female drivers to join us in London – with the intent that female riders and drivers will now have a safer ride hailing option. 

In addition to peace of mind, riders will enjoy NO BOOKING FEES - saving them approximately $3.00 on every ride. With Wilma, a woman can expect predictability and a hassle-free ride. She will be able to focus on the priorities of her day versus the unknowns of her trip.

“When you sign up for a Wilma membership, you are joining a community of empowered women who are choosing to be unbothered,” said Terri Phipps, Wilma CEO and Co-Founder. “Wilma drivers and riders will feel like they’re driving with a friend, creating an atmosphere of trust and community.”

Driving with Wilma has its benefits, including an increased sense of safety, knowing that a woman is in the backseat. Other key driver benefits are:

  • Best commission rates in the ride hailing industry – 85% of every fare goes to the drivers
  • Flexible work hours, allowing drivers to customize their schedule – women can now choose to drive ANY time, versus the safest times. Welcome to the gig economy.
  • Driver discounts & perks through our partners, such as income tax preparation discounts 

Wilma is dedicated to the safety, comfort and empowerment of women riders and drivers alike. By signing up for the Wilma app, members are not only making an investment towards their peace of mind, but they are also supporting a well-paying income source for other females and gender diverse people.

“Wilma is about freedom,” says Mary Morrison, Wilma SVP of Partnerships and Co-Founder. “For every woman who has ever felt uncomfortable, had to make up a story, fake a phone call, or mention a non-existent husband to ensure her safety when ridehailing, Wilma is for you.” 

Survey Shows Incredible Demand for Wilma

An Angus Reid survey conducted by Wilma provided some standout findings around who would purchase a Wilma membership: 

  • 100% of men said they would buy this for 2-3 women in their lives, starting with their wife, daughter, mother
  • 1 in 3 women said they would buy a membership for themselves if offered in their city
  • 85% of women would pay between $13-$15/month for the service; 15% would pay up to $30/ month for the service

Wilma memberships come with privileges. As part of this community, women may bring guests of any gender to ride with them. Wilma members must agree to a strict code of conduct and are responsible for their guests’ behaviour.  This ensures that all members honour the membership principles of safety and emotional comfort for both the driver and the rider members.

People are encouraged to show support by purchasing a Wilma membership for a woman they care about – providing them a gift of safety, comfort and peace of mind. 

Wilma is currently accepting driver applications and rider membership sign-ups. We invite women and gender diverse people to apply to be drivers. If your driver’s licence doesn’t have an “F” on it but your gender identity is female, you are welcome to reach out to us directly at to get assistance.

About Wilma Technologies Inc.

Wilma is North America’s first Women-Driving-Women ride hailing membership service dedicated to creating a safe space for women to travel and work within the gig economy. We are at the forefront of solutions to provide an alternative, hassle-free ride hailing service and job opportunities that work for and empower women. Because HER safety comes first.         

Wilma is headquartered in Vancouver, B.C. and founded by Terri Phipps, CEO and Mary Morrison, SVP Partnerships.

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