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London’s digital creative sector - with over 300 companies employing more than 9,000 people - has been built on innovative local start-up ventures finding a niche market and growing into successful Canadian and global players like Autodata Solutions, Info-Tech Research Group and Big Blue Bubble.

The arts have inherent value and make an enormous contribution to the quality of life and vibrancy of London. Artists and arts organizations offer arts programs for learners of all ages.   

Driving Global Markets


MADE | NOUS celebrates the works of Canadian creators in film, television, video games and digital entertainment, both here and around the world.

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Top Employers



Autodata Solutions


Info-tech Research Group


Digital Extremes

Unique Assets

Technology companies in London specialize in interactive game development, manufacturing plant floor software, financial services, asset management, content management middleware and creative content.

  • Infrastructure such as affordable downtown office space including many heritage buildings, fibre optic connectivity, certified data centre sites, and great entertainment venues are among the reasons why an increasing number of technology companies are choosing London
  • Technology incubation and acceleration opportunities exist at the Western University Research Park and downtown London’s Innovation Works, WrkHub, Regus, and Springboard.
  • London has 1,200 arts and culture businesses employing 7,700 workers with 6,000 students enrolled in arts and culture programming.  Arts and culture makes a direct contribution of $540 million to the regional economy.
  • From sell-out performances at one of our world-class venues, to hosting internationally-acclaimed awards shows, London is a music city. Take a look at this timeline to learn more about our music history:

Education, Research & Development

  • Funding resources: Discover funding opportunities for your film or interactive digital media business
  • TechAlliance helps entrepreneurs with new technologies or fast-growing tech companies access resources and expertise through services such as business analysis, prototyping, market intelligence, and access to capital
  • OIART is the first school of its kind in North America providing an education that prepares students for the audio industry
  • The London Arts Council and the London Heritage Council have cultural related programming including mentorship, youth engagement, and arts education 
  • Western University has programs in Computer Science, including a minor in game development and Computer and Software Engineering
  • Fanshawe College has programs in Information Technology such as programming and networking, as well as Contemporary Media including digital media, games, 3D animation and web development
  •  The new Centre for Digital and Performing Arts (CDPA) with Fanshawe College is a 50,000 square-foot facility, located in the heart of downtown London, is equipped with modern labs, classrooms, and collaborative learning spaces for 400 students and staff. The centre is home to a number of Fanshawe's creative programs, such as 3D Animation and Character Design, Interactive Media Design and Production, Technical Costume Studies, and Theatre Arts.
  • LEDCFor those who want hands-on experience in production as well as the theoretical background necessary to critically analyze media, Western offers an Information and Media Studies program that teaches students the fundamentals that they will need to pursue a successful career in a media-related field.

Case Study
Case Study: Bron Animation

Bron Studios Inc., a British Columbia film production company, opened a London office for its animation division in 2016. The new business helps diversify London's growing digital media sector that includes 300 tech businesses, with 40 in digital media. The London studio will help woo talent from across Ontario, as well as grow the industry locally. Click here to view the full case study.

Testimonial: Autodata

London’s digital creative sector has grown in all aspects. The roles and programs have become more diverse and more specialized, and we have certainly benefited from that growth.Greg Perrier, President and CEO, Autodata Solutions

Autodata London Canada

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